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my twenty plus years of martial arts, yogic and taoist training, I learned about practices and products from my many instructors that I was urged to put into place in my daily routine.  I listened.  I incorporated them into my life because they were simple techniques that took no time at all, made me feel great, and, I was told, would keep me healthy and slow down the aging process.  Those instructors are now in their seventies, eighties, and nineties and sliterally look half their age and are in amazing shape.  I wrote this book at the insistence of my clients and friends to bring those techniques to you!

new book, Do It or Age Quickly:  60 Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger and Longer, represents that collection.  It is a system of 21 simple techniques to care for your mind and body that most people have not heard of before.  I will tell you about a hair preservation routine for men, natural toothpaste that whitens teeth and doesn’t strip away your enamel, herbal tea that energizes and bolsters your immune system, facial creams that are better than anything on the market that heal and preserve your skin, stress and fear-reducing methods, a consumption routine that streamlines digestion and brings about effortless weight-loss, and stretches and exercises that take only 60 seconds each.  In fact, the beauty of this book, as you can probably tell from the title, is that each of my 21 recommendations takes only 60 seconds each!

system is easy, and fun, and anyone can do it.  I cannot emphasize enough how much it has changed and benefited my life.  It has given me a positive approach to life and helps me start my day with a smile, every day.  I have defied the genetics of my family who have male pattern baldness, I am in top physical condition with little effort, and despite a busy, demanding life in New York City, my stress level is negligible – to name a just a few effects.

Buying this book is a very small investment in what it can do for your life.  Please give it a try, why not?  The products I advocate are natural, available, and affordable.  The stretches and exercises can be done by most anyone, including someone who has never exercised or has physical limitations.  Some of my advice you can actually do in your sleep.  Do you have 60 seconds to live a new life – one that will be better, stronger, and longer?

Do It or Age Quickly
By: Sharon

I've been telling pretty much everyone I talk to lately about the book "Do It or Age Quickly." All I can say is BUY IT! I have very little patience and have a hard time relaxing (it's why I can't really get into meditation or yoga...), and like most of us I'm always looking for quick and easy solutions to problems. This book - written by JB Berns who has a long background in martial arts, yoga, personal and wellness training - is full of quick tips that can improve your health, mood, and over-all well-being. It's has plenty of sketches like the ones above to illustrate the various points Berns makes and a great deal of the book is pulled from experts that the author has spoken to (I kind of felt like I was reading a very well written research paper at some points), but this is a good thing.

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Do It or Age Quickly
By: Danielle

This past Monday I was given an invite to attend the launch party for JB Bearns’ new book entitled Do It or Age Quickly: 60 Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger and Longer at the fabulous rooftop of the Empire Hotel in Manhattan. You might know JB Bearns from his popular at-home exercise Urban Rebounder fame, but he’s also a celebrity personal trainer and twenty year master of the arts of yoga as well as martial arts. Basically, the man knows what he’s talking about!

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New Book by JB Berns!
Fitness RX Magazine

This week I attended a fabulous book release party in NYC to celebrate the launch of a brand new fitness book by renowned personal trainer and fitness expert JB Berns. If you're unfamiliar with JB, he's the innovater of the Urban Rebounder (a miniature trampoline workout system and DVD) that is now in over 5000 gyms worldwide and 18 different countries.

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Do It or Age Quickly
By: Kristen Colapinto

Monday night at the Empire Hotel, rooftop terrace, JB Berns released his new book titled: Do It or Age Quickly: 60- second practices to live better, stronger, and longer. Berns has over 20 years of martial arts, yoga and Taoist training and has learned how to steer clear of fad diets that promise to fix all.

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